Review by Sri Utami Owner of Sing Sing Resort Lovina

At the end of 2016, I came in contact with the management of We had a discussion about saving energy. They telll me that I can reduce the cost of electricity by installing solar panels. These panels working by the insensity of light. Due the fact that Bali located closed to the equator, there is a maximum efficiency. They convince my by the price comparing the reduction of the monthly bill of the PLN. At january they installed the complete solarsystem and connect it with the electricity net. The only thing what have to be change was the electricitymeter of the PLN. Hey also take care for this. That takes time because the PLN in North Bali had no experience. At the moment that he new meter was installed (it was a in- and exportmeter) the meter running backwards at sunny days. The system give the collected electricity back to the PLN because on daytime I hardly use it. But in the evening and night when the aircondition is running I take it back. At the moment I save around 80% of the cost of electricity. told me that it’s important that I also use a part electricity from the PLN for a good relationship. The sale, installing and after sale was like a warm shower. They give a good information about the way of saving energy and a clear overview of the costs. Also to the future guest is the appearance that we are “green” and we are careful to the environment a positive valuable.

Sri Utami

Owner of Sing Sing Resort Lovina